SPM 2008

Tahniah kepada semua pelajar 5 Makmur 2008 yang telah menunjukkan pencapaian yang cemerlanf dalam mata pelajaran Matematik Tambahan SPM. Kejayaan anda semua adalah kegembiraan buat saya dan guru yang lain. Tahniah sekali lagi dan teruskan perjuangan anda semua!!

Pelajar 5 Makmur yang memperoleh 1A dalam Matematik Tambahan SPM: Emerard, Mohd Zaki, Norazreen dan Vanessa.


One response to “SPM 2008

  1. Hi Teacher!

    Thanks for teaching us Add Maths and entertaining all our frustration. It really requires a lot of patience and extra effort to solve our seemingly endless problems! Glad to have you as our teacher. All the best to you as well as you continue to teach many more students ahead of you. By the way, EMARALD’s name is spelt wrongly! Oh o… better not let her see that. =)

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